# 1 Streaming Song on Daily Play MPE!!!!!!


BUY IT NOW @ i-Tunes, Amazon or other downloadable sites. Check it out! Quietdrive "Even When I'm Gone" #1 song on Daily Play MPE the radio promotion service for Rock the Cause Inc. 501c3 Records. CALL OR E-MAIL YOUR FAV STATION AND REQUEST "EVEN WHEN I'M GONE" by Quietdrive. Why is this cool? Radio Program Directors get tons of mailers with music. These mailers often go ignored. Or they get their music when a label rep visits the station and gets an appointment with the Program Directors (PD). It still means the PD has to take the time to listen to the song and determine if the song will fit format. Services like PLAY MP are used by the majors and the major indies. PD's subscribe to PLAY MPE and it costs big $$$ to get a single on PLAY MPE. Your chances of getting air play are far greater when you use a trusted radio service. Since we are a charity PLAY MPE is helping us to get the music in front of the radio station PD's.

Even When I'm Gone is the #1 song that station PD's are listening to on PLAY MPE. 185 stations have downloaded Even When I'm Gone. We have indicators that say potentially 145 have added to the on air library. We are following where air play is happening. This is really cool. It gives us more leverage to make Even When I'm Gone a top selling release for charity. Proceeds benefit Team Kendal Kidz and Children's Cancer Research Fund.

Via Scott Herold from Rock the Cause

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