Cancer is the #1 disease related KILLER of our children.  Everyday 46 kids are diagnosed and every 4 hours one of them will DIE.

Childhood cancers are EXTREMELY underfunded.  Only 4% of federal cancer research funding goes towards pediatric cancers.  OUR CHILDREN CAN NOT AFFORD THIS!

Many major cancer research organizations provide funding mainly for adult related cancers.  Giving in most cases only 1-3% or LESS to our kids.

In the last 30 years only 1 new drug has been developed for PEDIATRIC cancers compared to 50 for ADULTS.  WHY? OUR CHILDREN NEED YOUR HELP.

The lack of age appropriate treatment options means that 3 out 5 children who are lucky enough to still be alive after treatment will suffer from life altering or life threatening consequences from harsh treatment options that were actually designed for adults.  1 in 3 of our children will DIE within 30 years of diagnosis due to the chronic effects of their treatment.  THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!

 Pediatric oncology researches are working hard to save our children but the bottom line is money.  They need you.

                                                    WILL YOU HELP?

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