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What AMAZING kids in our community!

We would like to extend a very special thank you to The Hartland Gymnastics Team, The Hartland High School Drama Club and the Hartland Eagles Varsity Softball Team for their generous contributions to our mission.  We have such AMAZING kids with HUGE hearts in Hartland.  It's great to see our youth getting behind a cause they believe in! Thank You, you guys are AWESOME!

Lots of things happening at Team Kendal Kidz this Summer!


We've got two new pin-up locations for you. Jack's Custard Co. in downtown Brighton will be selling them beginning June 20th for a month and O'Tooles Irish American Bar & Grill on Cass Elizabeth Rd. in Waterford began selling them on June 13th.

Buffalo Wild Wings event in Howell brought in $3,000 dollars!


Our first event was a HUGE success. Buffalo Wild Wings in Howell brought in an AMAZING $3,000 dollars in pin-up sales. WOW!

We would like to send a very special thank you to BWW and their incredible staff and also to all of YOU for going in and supporting our cause.

We also have pin-ups at Just Baked in Brighton, so if you are in the mood for a mouth-watering cupcake stop in and visit them. We will keep you updated on all future locations.

Please continue to support these businesses that have so graciously supported us.

New Team Kendal Kidz charity unveiled

The Lividini family unveils Team Kendal Kidz banner

On February 12, 2011 more than 500 came out to Support Team Kendal in a fundraiser graciously organized by Hartland Prep Hockey coach Kevin Travers. It was an exciting game of the Detroit Red Wings Alumni against Hartland's Alumni. The game ended in a close 7-6 score. Kendal was a HUGE hockey fan so honoring her in this way seemed most appropriate. She would be proud.

Once again, the amazing people in our community have come together to help us through this very difficult time. There are no words to fully express how truly grateful we are. We feel very blessed.

Special Effects

For children with cancer, Special Days Camp helps them feel comfortable and ‘normal’ while they also have a good time.

By Alexa Stanard

When Toni Hinkle’s son Joey was 4, a dog nipped his hand. The next day, swelling of his hand prompted Toni and her husband to take Joey to the doctor. By then, the swelling had spread to his arm, so the doctor referred him to Oakwood Hospital.

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