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Children's Cancer Research Fund

Research Dollars At Work!!!

Here is one of the many reasons why we support Children's Cancer Research fund and the AMAZING researchers at University of Minnesota.  This is absolutely INCREDIBLE

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. - Imagine if we had a way to stop cancer before it even started. A new discovery found at the University of Minnesota could someday make this a reality.

Good Things Happening In Research!

 Lots of exciting research is going on at U of M Amplatz.  According to CCRF, scientists are working  on several promising studies; creating a vaccine to prevent cancer recurrence and increase the long-term cure rate for brain tumors, creating new drugs that target and kill osteosarcoma cells without adding toxicity to the young patient's body  (Osteosarcoma is a prevalent life-threatening bone cancer affecting children), and creating new drugs that create an antibody that binds both NK Cells (Natural Killer Cells) and AML Cells (Acute Myelogenous

Amazing Things Happening in Research

Your Research dollars at work! Help us Give Kids SMILES For Today and HOPE For Tomorrow. These are the doctors that were involved with Kendal's trial. We won't quit fighting until there is a cure for all children!

Even When I'm Gone - Quietdrive

Here is the official video from Quietdrive's amazing song, "Even When I'm Gone."

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The BIG RELEASE 9.3.13

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Your Research Dollars At Work!

WOW!!!!! This is absolutely AMAZING!!! Kendal's Dr. (Dr. Michael Verneris) just sent us an update on the INCREDIBLE work they are doing! Check out the link:

This will definitely Give Kidz HOPE For Tomorrow!

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