Children's Cancer Research Fund

Their mission is to find a cure for childhood cancer by providing funds to the University of Minnesota for research and training relating to the prevention, treatment and cure of childhood cancer. The organization also educates the public about childhood cancer and supports quality-of-life programs for pediatric cancer patients and their families.

Children's Cancer Research Fund focuses on supporting pioneering research initiatives that lead to larger studies, clinical trials and improved methods of treating childhood cancer. Ultimately, it will be the breakthroughs in diagnosis and treatment that help prevent childhood cancer.

Just a few of the initiatives supported by Children's Cancer Research Fund, where progress is being made in fighting childhood cancer include:

  • Amazing success during the past 10 years using umbilical cord blood in bone marrow transplants. Studies have proven that umbilical cord blood may offer blood cancer patients better success than bone marrow transplants.
  • Developing new processes to expand the number of umbilical cord blood transplant cells available, making the procedure accessible to more patients.
  • Increasing knowledge regarding genetic and environmental causes of childhood cancer.
  • Examining how the body's immune system can be triggered to fight the cancer.
  • Identifying patterns in cancer patients' gene structures that will lead to a more tailored approach to treatment.
  • Learning new information regarding the long-term health and quality-of-life of childhood cancer survivors and using that data to educate the public.

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