Good Things Happening In Research!

 Lots of exciting research is going on at U of M Amplatz.  According to CCRF, scientists are working  on several promising studies; creating a vaccine to prevent cancer recurrence and increase the long-term cure rate for brain tumors, creating new drugs that target and kill osteosarcoma cells without adding toxicity to the young patient's body  (Osteosarcoma is a prevalent life-threatening bone cancer affecting children), and creating new drugs that create an antibody that binds both NK Cells (Natural Killer Cells) and AML Cells (Acute Myelogenous Leukemia Cells). Once the cells bind the NK Cells kill the AML Cells.

From the desk of CCRF's CEO;

How to Drive to a New Cure~
If there’s one thing I’ve learned in over 7 years of cancer research funding, it’s that collaboration drives innovation. That’s likely NOT a surprise to anybody from corporate America – where I spent the first two plus decades of my career. But it’s historically NOT the way large research institutions work. We are blessed to support researchers that think differently – in large part because they put the patient first. I have seen it happen multiple times – basic, laboratory scientists connecting with clinicians, doctors who treat children with cancer collaborating with veterinarians who treat dogs with cancer, and doctors at the U of M sharing their findings freely with doctors at other research facilities. Although it’s the leading cause of death due to illness in kids, pediatric cancer is still a rare disease, and way underfunded compared to other illnesses. Collaboration helps to bridge that funding gap – and allow more kids to thrive.

John Hallberg
Chief Executive Officer
Children's Cancer Research Fund

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