What An Amazing Night!


I know my blog is a little late but things have been real busy these days at Team Kendal Kidz!  Our first annual Team Kendal Kidz Charity Concert was a huge success and we could NEVER have made this possible without all of you. 

This last year has been an incredible journey for us and with just the support of our family, friends and community we were able to raise about $50,000.00 in a six month time frame!!  It is overwhelming what this small network of people were able to accomplish.  You guys are AMAZING!  This was our first year and we hope to only grow bigger and better each year.  October's concert had a turn out of roughly 400 people, we would love to see that number increase so that one day we will pack the walls of the Royal Oak Music Theatre.  TOGETHER WE CAN!

We were able to give $23,500.00 to Special Days Camp which will have a lasting impact on these kids and their siblings as they are able to enjoy a much needed break away from their daily battle against cancer and form life long bonds and relationships with others who share the same story.  Thank you for giving these kids SMILES!

We were also able to give $23,500.00 to Children's Cancer Research Fund which we all know will help to provide life saving research so these kids can grow up and have the futures they so deserve.  Thank you for giving these kids HOPE!

The research being done at the University of Minnesota is incredible.  Kendal's physician Dr. Verneris was honored with the Relentless for a Cure Award by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society this past June.  This award is presented annually to an outstanding medical professional whose research, diagnosis and/or treatment has contributed to improved quality of life for patients and their families and great advancements in the field of blood or lymphoma cancers.

Their research with Natural Killer Cell Therapy which will take high-risk or relapsed leukemia treatments to the next level is also being used to explore it's benefits for pediatric sarcomas as well.  We strongly believe in this research after seeing first hand the impact it had on our daughter.  Kendal was able to hear for the first time in nine months the words that she had so hoped to hear... "You are in remission".  Although she ultimately lost her fight, progress was made and her sacrifice will insure that some other child will have a chance.

Researchers are also very busy developing new treatment options and vaccine trials for pediatric brain tumors.  Patient enrollment in their vaccine trial for glioblastoma multiforme, the most aggressive brain tumor, is almost complete.  Their collaboration  with the University of Pittsburg has led to a second vaccine trial for low grade gliomas and yet another vaccine trial is in the making to treat a deadly tumor of the brain stem called diffuse pontine glioma.

This is just a small glance into the amazing research being done at the University of Minnesota so that some day our children will never have to worry about cancer.  What a wonderful day that will be.

Thank you for Giving Kids SMILES for Today and HOPE for Tomorrow!


Great night!

John and Heather...just wanted to thank you for a great night. The concert was AWESOME! Really impressed by the bands, the food, and all the great people I met. What you're doing -- for the cause -- is very special. Keep up the great work and I look forward to the next event.

David Lee

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